Each individual day of hiking was structured like a microcosm of the Camino as a whole. Every detail mirrored the whole, and the whole reflected the details. Just as I found it difficult to start the pilgrimage, I typically find it difficult to get going in the morning. In the afternoon I find my rhythm, and as evening falls, I walk toward my destination feeling exhausted but tranquil ans steadfast, my strength renewed.
In our Western world, which is practically devoid of spirituality, we suffer from a lack of ritual. The Camino is a ritual that offers a genuine opportunity to take up a challenge. Every one of us needs something to hold on to, but the only stability comes from letting go.
The trail is both demanding and delightful. It is a challenge and an invitation. It wears you out and drains you, then it builds you back up again completely.
It takes all your strength away, and restores it three times over. You have to walk it alone or it will not reveal its mysteries.
Those who cannot take this pilgrimage should rest assured that it is only one of an infinite number of possibilities. The Camino is not one single path but thousands, and it poses only one question to each of us: “Who are you?”

in “I’m Off Then: Losing and Finding Myself on the Camino de Santiago”, Hape Kerkeling

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